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[[Category: VoIP]]
[[Category: VoIP]]
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The power of wireless networks only becomes evident when one have some applications that can make use of the networks. The level of computer literacy is usually very low in rural areas, but most of then understand a telephone system. Voip is a excellent first level application for wireless mesh networks that will allow low skilled people to make use of the networks from day one. This will create a need for community members to maintain and grow the network that can later on also be used for other applications.
This page is the collection place for all our Voip stuff.
== Voip applications ==
=== SER / OpenSER ===
=== Asterisk ===
== Digital Doorway VOIP system ==
== IP04 low cost phone system ==
[[Image:Ip04 case.jpg]]
The IP04 is a low cost phone system that can switch phone calls from analog phones or phone lines over the Internet using VoIP. It is an Open Hardware product that was designed by David Rowetel. See http://www.rowetel.com/ucasterisk/ for more information.
== APEX voip model ==
===VOIP Gateways===
[http://www.miro.co.za/stage/intranet/voip.php?section=SIPGateways SIP Gateways available at Miro]

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