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[[Category: Development Team Research Pages]]
[[Category: Development Team Research Pages]]
Not so much details of any research here, more around my ideas, thoughts, development track etc. for the group.
==Development Test Network==
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This is a physical installation of the HPN router based mesh network on the CSIR campus with about 10-12 nodes to test functionality in the field.
*The wireless cards would be set at the lowest power and some form of attenuation would be used.
*Other hardware functionality
==Portable Demo Test Network==
*In a suitcase type kit (mobile, small, easy to setup)
*Number of nodes, in a scenario type with posters, pictures.
Each node would have the GPS co-ordinate configured at part of the setup. On the server side (WISP) all the co-odrinates of the installed HPN's can then be used to plot a map. This can then be overlaid on a Google map. (Something like what David has done - need to get the link)
Here is the link:
[http://meshlab.dhcp.meraka.csir.co.za:8080/WMNStatus Mesh visualisation]
[http://meshlab.dhcp.meraka.csir.co.za/nfsen/nfsen.php Traffic graphs for indoor mesh]

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