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Colloquium: Research in mesh networks and other ad-hoc networks - Charles Perkins

Charles Perkins, “the father of mobile IP technology” and Nokia Fellow, visited the Meraka Institute on the 11th of September to present on research in mesh networking and other ad-hoc networks. The aim of the presentation was to:

  1. To present recent areas of research on ad hoc wireless networks.
  2. Generate interest in Wireless Africa's access and mesh networking research

About 40 persons from the telecommunications industry and around 10 people from academia attended the conference. One person even drove all the way from Eastern Cape just to attend the presentation. His presentation is an excellent summary of current research issues in ad-hoc and mesh networking protocols. Interesting linkages with social networking were also highlighted.

The presentation is available here Research in mesh networks and other ad-hoc networks - Charles Perkins

Brief CV: Charles Perkins

Charles E. Perkins is a Nokia Fellow in the Network Technology Laboratory at Nokia Research Center, investigating mobile wireless networking and dynamic configuration protocols. Prior to this he worked at Sun Microsystems and IBM. He serves as document editor for the mobile-IP working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and is author or co-author of standards-track documents in the mip4, mip6, manet, dhc, mipshop, seamoby (Seamless Mobility) and autoconf working groups. Charles has served as program committee co-chair for MobiHoc 2004, on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) of the IETF and on various committees for the National Research Council. More recently he has served as Program Chair for the IEEE Vehicular Technology conference networking track. He currently serves as General Chair for IEEE Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems conference (MASS 2006). He is also associate editor for Mobile Communications and Computing Review, the official publication of ACM SIGMOBILE, and has served on the editorial staff for IEEE Internet Computing magazine. Charles has authored and edited books on Mobile IP and Ad Hoc Networking. He has published a number of papers and award winning articles in the areas of mobile networking, ad-hoc networking, route optimization for mobile networking, resource discovery, and automatic configuration for mobile computers. Charles holds a B.A. in mathematics and a M.E.E. degree from Rice University, and a M.A. in Mathematics from Columbia University, has nine patents and five pending patent applications. He won several IBM Invention Achievement Awards and a Service Award for contributions to the Internet Architectural Board. More information: