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Component costs

× Item description Supplier Supplier Stock Code Quantity type Cost
1 Linksys WRT54G BullionIT XX EACH 638
2 IP65 Weatherproof Enclosure BullionIT ENCL-IP65 EACH 95
3 8 dBi Omni MIRO SAG-2408 EACH 485
4 24 dBi Grid MIRO HK-24-GRID EACH 590
5 12 dBi Yagi MIRO PA-12-YAHE EACH 240
6 3m Aluminium mast MIRO AP-38x300 EACH 80
7 Wall bracket Large - 250mm (tripod) MIRO WB-250-15 EACH 39
8 50mm U-bolt MIRO UB-50 EACH 2
9 Coach screw with wall plug MIRO COACH EACH 1.50
10 RP-TNC to N-Type Bulk pigtail MIRO XX EACH 75
11 1.5m RG55 Cable c/w N-Male Webb XX EACH 85

Scenario 1: Indoor USB Wireless solution (100m from nearest neighbour node)

A simple cheap wireless LAN USB device can be bought and the mesh software can then be loaded on the computer. This setup is ideal for short range communication between a desily distrubuted cluster of houses such as South African Town houses.


Scenario 2: Outdoor USB Wireless solution (300m from nearest neighbour node)

Scenario 3: Outdoor Use old PC as dedicated Wireless router (300m from nearest neighbour node)

Scenario 4: Outdoor Wireless router under eaves (3 km from nearest neighbour node)