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moved to [[High Performance Node - Dev and Test Network]]
moved to [[High Performance Node - Dev and Test Network]]
== Hardware ==
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[[Image:Bokkie_Router_Pic.png|right|thumb|80px|Current Bokkie router (Poynting)]]
'''HPN based on current “Bokkie” router, to become “Bokkie v2”'''
=== Block Diagram of HPN ===
[[Image:HPN_Block Diagram_v2.png|left|thumb|300px|Block diagram of HPN]]
<br clear=all>
=== Enclosure ===
* Based on Poynting Enclosure ([http://www.poynting.co.za/productdisplay.php?id=186&cat_id=3 Product code:WLAN-A0033])
* '''Modifications''' to the WLAN-A0033 are needed: swap 1x 2.4 GHz omni-directional antenna for 1x 5.8 GHz omni-directional antenna
=== Electronics ===
* 1x Gateworks [http://www.gateworks.com/products/avila/gw2348-4.php Avila GW2348-4] Network Platform
[[Image:Avila Gateworks Platform.jpg|left|thumb|150px|Gateworks Avila Network Platform]]
<br clear=all>
* 3x 802.11a/b/g mini PCI Atheros based WiFi cards - [http://www.miro.co.za/detail.aspx?pid=208&p=2&sp=&spp= CX-WLM54AG23 Complex High Power dual-band Mini PCI Card] (note not the wlm54sag)
[[Image:Wireless Card.jpg|left|thumb|150px|High Power dual-band Mini PCI Card]]
<br clear=all>
** 2x configured at 5.8 GHz
** 1x configured at 2.4 GHz
**(It maybe worthwhile to search and evaluate some of the new cards on the market, but our current "bokkie" routers use the above one from Miro)
** Suppliers we have used:
**'''OR''' The R52H which is the same as the wlm54sag23, also manufactured by Compex. http://www.scoopdistribution.co.za/product_info.php?cPath=49_52&products_id=577 (still need to review though)
* 1x 1GB compact flash card (have used Kingston & Sandisk - but anyone that is compatible)
[[Image:Kingston 1GB Compact Flash.jpg|left|thumb|150px|Current Compact flash card being used]]
<br clear=all>
**Sourced from the following two suppliers:
* 3x [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.FL U.FL to SMA connector (Male) 30cm length]
{| border="0" style="background:transparent;"
[[Image:UFL2SMA.jpg|left|thumb|150px|U.FL to SMA pigtail (300mm)]]
[[Image:UFL2SMA_UFL_Closeup.jpg|left|thumb|150px|Closeup of the U.FL connector on pigtail]]
[[Image:UFL_Wireless Card.jpg|left|thumb|150px|U.FL connector on Wireless Card]]
** Suppliers we have used in the past:
***http://www.miro.co.za ( not standard item )
=== Enclosure - Other ===
* 1x External weatherproof Ethernet connector (UTP Gland) with Ethernet pigtail for POE (install on left side – looking at bokkie – keeping with current standard)
{| border="0" style="background:transparent;"
[[Image:UTP Gland_1.jpg|left|thumb|150px|Weatherproof UTP gland]]
[[Image:UTP Gland_2.jpg|left|thumb|150px|Weatherproof UTP gland]]
* In the first assembled version we received, this External weatherproof Ethernet connector has been changed to a Poynting designed one. See pics below.
{| border="0" style="background:transparent;"
[[Image:New_UTP Gland_1.jpg|left|thumb|150px|New Weatherproof UTP gland]]
[[Image:New_UTP Gland_2.jpg|left|thumb|250px|New Weatherproof UTP gland]]
[[Image:New_UTP Gland_3.jpg|left|thumb|150px|New Weatherproof UTP gland]]
[[Image:New_UTP Gland_4.jpg|left|thumb|150px|New Weatherproof UTP gland]]
** Weatherproof UTP gland suppliers
*** Currently sourced from Poynting
*** http://www.scoopdistribution.co.za/product_info.php?cPath=49_54&products_id=531
* 4x Gateworks board mounting standoffs (supplied as part of the enclosure)
* External Mounting bracket (supplied as part of the enclosure)
=== Accessories ===
* Powered 48V power-over-Ethernet injector - We've been using the following two products (Miro and Soekris):
**48V Power Supply Unit - 1Watt - PSU-48V-1W from Miro
**http://www.soekris.com/power_accessories.htm (31954804, last one on the page)
*Ethernet Cables
** 1x UV resistant outdoor CATV cable [have different lengths available (5m, 10m, 20m)]
*** Supplier of UV protected UTP cable: http://www.scoopdistribution.co.za/product_info.php?products_id=632
** 1x indoor CATV cable [have different lengths available (5m, 10m, 20m)]
** Need for longer cables, custom make ?
* Some type of surge protection on the power side.
**Thinking of a product from http://www.clearline.co.za/. Still need to investigate
=== Other ===
* Wall mounting bracket (different types depending on type of wall - specification)
* Mounting pole (different types - spec)
* M10\M12 Coach Screws and fisher plugs (# depending on wall mounting bracket)
* 10x pack Cable ties
* Earthing kit Webb Industries have earthing kits that can be used. see http://www.webb.co.za/index.php?nav=news&ID=50
**Clamp\lug on one end of earthing cable for attachment onto wireless installation mounting bracket
**Earthing cable: Length (?), Gauge (?) - 10-15mm diameter
**Clamp on spike for other end of earthing cable for attachment onto earthing spike
**Earthing spike - 1m (driven into the ground at base of wall of the wireless installation)
== Software ==
== Software ==

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