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High Performance Node Development & Test Network

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Current Bokkie router (Poynting)

HPN based on current “Bokkie” router, to become “Bokkie v2”

Block Diagram of HPN

Block diagram of HPN


  • Based on Poynting Enclosure (Product code:WLAN-A0033)
  • Modifications to the WLAN-A0033 are needed: swap 1x 2.4 GHz omni-directional antenna for 1x 5.8 GHz omni-directional antenna


Gateworks Avila Network Platform

High Power dual-band Mini PCI Card

  • 1x 1GB compact flash card (have used Kingston & Sandisk - but anyone that is compatible)
Current Compact flash card being used

U.FL to SMA pigtail (300mm)
Closeup of the U.FL connector on pigtail
U.FL connector on Wireless Card

Enclosure - Other

  • 1x External weatherproof Ethernet connector (UTP Gland) with Ethernet pigtail for POE (install on left side – looking at bokkie – keeping with current standard)
Weatherproof UTP gland
Weatherproof UTP gland
  • In the first assembled version we received, this External weatherproof Ethernet connector has been changed to a Poynting designed one. See pics below.
New Weatherproof UTP gland
New Weatherproof UTP gland
New Weatherproof UTP gland
New Weatherproof UTP gland
  • 4x Gateworks board mounting standoffs (supplied as part of the enclosure)
  • External Mounting bracket (supplied as part of the enclosure)



  • Wall mounting bracket (different types depending on type of wall - specification)
  • Mounting pole (different types - spec)
  • M10\M12 Coach Screws and fisher plugs (# depending on wall mounting bracket)
  • 10x pack Cable ties
  • Earthing kit Webb Industries have earthing kits that can be used. see http://www.webb.co.za/index.php?nav=news&ID=50
    • Clamp\lug on one end of earthing cable for attachment onto wireless installation mounting bracket
    • Earthing cable: Length (?), Gauge (?) - 10-15mm diameter
    • Clamp on spike for other end of earthing cable for attachment onto earthing spike
    • Earthing spike - 1m (driven into the ground at base of wall of the wireless installation)


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Further Developments to Functionality

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