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IP04 - Four Port IP-PBX

Collaborating with David Rowe on deploying the IP04 - http://www.rowetel.com/ucasterisk/ip04.html


The IP04 can be configured with a combination of four FXO and/or FXS ports. This page describes how I started using one with 3 FXS (handset) and 1 FXO (linked to our corporate PABX). Assuming the IP04 is also linked on the local LAN.

Setup procedure

  1. Set IP address of your PC host ethernet interface temporarily to (or anything you think think is available on 192.168.1.xx subnet, not
    1. myPC> ifconfig eth0
  2. Check that the address is not used
    1. myPC> Ping ... no replies. This is the factory default IP address of the IP04.
  3. Unpack IPO4, plug into the LAN, telephone plug, and add 3 x telephone handsets
    1. Check if IP04 work by dialing 6001, 6002, 6003 or 6004 on any one of the handsets
  4. myPC> Telnet
  5. Change network parameters to valid settings for your lan in /etc/rc.d/S10network-static
    1. root~> vi /etc/rc.d/S10network-static
    2. ... set the parameters and save
    3. root~> reboot
  6. Remember to set the IP address on your PC host back to the default for use on your lan

Try SIP to client

  1. In SIP client (e.g. Ekiga), set SIP account with Registrar=IP address of IP04, user=sipguest, passwd=sipguest

Remove defunct public AIX demo account

// * In /etc/asterisk/aix.conf, uncomment [demo] section: // ** #[demo] // ** ;type=peer // ** ;username=asterisk // ** ;secret=supersecret // ** ;host=

Comment out [trunk_2] section of /etc/asterisk/users.conf as iaxtel.com is not accepting connections.