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When a new node boots up for the fist time, then it will go into a hunting mode and it will search for other nodes in the mesh. In hunting mode it will first configure the patch antenna on the GREEN frequency. It will perform a link local IPv6 ping on that interface for about X seconds to determine if any IPv6 connectivity can be found on that antenna/channel. If no connectivity is found after X seconds, then it will hunt further using RED on the patch, then GREEN on the omni and then RED on the omni. If no connectivity can be found, then it will start the hunting process from the beginning, or until it is manually locked via the WEB terface. If connectivity can be established, then it will enable the green/red link LED on the bottom of the node to show connectivity (use the WEB interface for more information on to which node connectivity has been established to). If connectivity is lost then the LED will be off again. After stable connectivity for about X consecutive pings, the node will lock the antenna/channels util someone changes it manually via the WEB interface. Once the antennas/channels are locked then it will also change the sensitivity of the link LED and LED updates will be less frequently. The LED sensitivity can be manually changed via the WEB interface by selecting the "alignment" button. The alignment feature will give signal strength information on the WEB interface. See hunt-flow-diagram below.
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