NEW: Quick getting started guide for setting up an outdoor mesh node

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Shopping list

× Item description Supplier Supplier Stock Code Quantity type Cost Quantity Total
1 1.5m 38mm Aluminium mast MIRO AP-38x150 EACH R40.00 1 R40.00
2 Wall Bracket - Large - 250mm (tripod) MIRO WB-250-15 EACH R45.00 1 R45.00
3 Coach screw with wall plug MIRO COACH EACH R2.00 3 R6.00
4 50mm U Bolt (Mast to Wall Bracket) MIRO UB-50 EACH R3.50 2 R7.00
5 LMR400 Cable (per Meter) - Loss 0.2dB /m MIRO LMR195 METERS R20.00 3 R60.00
6 N-Type (Male) Connector for LMR400 Cable MIRO N(m)-400xxx EACH R50.00 2 R100.00
7 Weather Proof Box ROSS xxx EACH R90 1 R90
8 12dBi Yagi Antenna - 2.4GHz MIRO PA-12-YAGE EACH R240 1 R240
9 Weatherproof box MIRO ENCL-IP65 EACH R90 1 R90
10 Weatherproof gland MIRO GLAND EACH R15 1 R15
TOTAL R1388.96