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=Meraka COIN Team Members=
=Meraka COIN Team Members=
Kobus roux a.k.a [[User:]]
Kobus roux a.k.a [[User:Kroux]]
David Johnson a.k.a [[User:Kingdavid]]
David Johnson a.k.a [[User:Kingdavid]]

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Meraka COIN Team Members

Kobus roux a.k.a User:Kroux

David Johnson a.k.a User:Kingdavid

Yusuf Kaka a.k.a User:Yusufk

John Hay a.k.a User:Jhay

Johann Hugo a.k.a [[User:]]

Madelein Van Den Berg a.k.a [[User:]]

Anita Van De Merwe a.k.a [[User:]]

Lawrence Mboweni a.k.a [User:]]

Honourary Members ;)

Andrew, the Android Smith [[User:]]