Protocol development for WiMax mesh networks

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The 802.16-2004 standard started including mesh, WiMax uses a TDMA based scheduling of channel access in it's multi-hop relay system (BS - SS - SS- SS- SS *BS = Base station *SS = subscriber station) providing fine granularity radio resource control as compared to RTS/CTS based 802.11a/b/g. This allows centralized slot allocation although interference is still a major issue in multi-hop wimax mesh and an efficient slot allocation method is needed to maximize the concurrent transmission of data in the mesh (one of the first papers by Haas tries to propose some ideas to solve this).

This makes Wimax mesh attractive for static mesh networks, Wimax will be able provide more effiecient resource utilization – not too much creativity has gone into the routing algorithms they are old fashioned hop count based and there is no mention of how they will scale to very large networks with some of the clever ideas we see in HSLS (fish eye routing) and OLSR (using multi point relays) applied on 802.11.