Research workshop 25 June 2008

From WirelessAfrica

'''Research group Members' Suggestions:

In order to achieve the group vision in part through research contribution it is necessary to aim collectively at: 'Optimizing for Higher Performance in Wireless Mesh Networks.'Under this theme one finds researchable aspects such as:

  • Protocols currently studied by Clemence,Tope and Ntsibane.
  • MIMOs currently studied by Dare.
  • Smart Antennaes currently studied by Albert.
  • Realtime flow over mesh currently studied by David.
  • Energy Issues currently studied by Thomas and Martin.


  • It is necessary that in each researchable aspect, at least 3 people should be involved.

Financing the Group:

  • Financial year starts in April and ends in March of every following year.
  • Members of the research team resolved that each researcher should plan ahead with the available funds allocated.
  • One International conference and one national conference attendance per person each year may get funding from the CSIR.
  • More publications are encouraged but the group will have to look for extra funds elsewhere including our partner universities to top up the expenses.
  • The research Laboratory is under the group's management. This implies that it is important to allocate part of budgetary funds to equip the lab to the world class modern standard.
  • In addition, it is important that the group organize for visiting scientists/presenters (local and overseas) occasionally to come and discuss key and evolution research issues in the interest of the group.

Other Suggestions:

  • In order for the continuity of the 3 year road map programme, members contributed to the fact that it is indeed neceassry to consider retaining temporary staffs on studentships after successful completion of their Masters and PhDs and also,
  • to recruit more students from the Universities.
  • Ntsibane and David urged the group members/students to remain committed, focus and in team work spirit and together to move closer to a sound success..!
  • The group working with team spirit
  • Posibility of getting post-docs become part of the group

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