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European visits 2006


Monday 5 June depart from Pretoria with AVIS vehicle at 17:00 depart from Johannesburg Airport, flight BA56 at 20:15
Tuesday 6 June arrive at Heathrow, terminal 1, flight BA56 at 06:20 depart from Heathrow, terminal 1, flight BA6036 at 07:30 arrive at Helsinki, terminal 2, flight BA6036 at 12:25 depart from Helsinki, flight BA6044, 13:40 arrive at Tampere, flight BA6044, 14:20
Update 6 June 2006. Arrived in Tampere, Finland and booked into Hotel Villa
Wednesday 7 June IDC2006 Hotel Villa
Thursday 8 June IDC2006 Hotel Villa
Update 9 June 2006. Contact made with researchers in tangibles and wearable computing devices.
Friday 9 June IDC2006 Hotel Villa Update 9 June 2006.Conference finished. Will e-mail Jussi and Ilja to confirm pick-up at rail station on Saturday.
Saturday 10 June liaise with Ilja regarding Joesuu visit depart per train from Tampere to Joensuu, 1)Express Train 905 + 2)Regional Train 851, at 09:05 arrive at Joensuu station at 13:55, Jussi/Ilja will pick me up. KidsClub meeting in Joensuu at 14:00 tentatively.
Update 10 June 2006. Arrived in Joensuu. Got a room in Erkki's house. Attended Kids' Club meeting.
Sunday 11 June day of rest/sightseeing with Jussi and Ilja
Monday 12 June morning meeting with Jarkko and Elina about ViSCos and IMPDET at 09:00, lunch at Science Park. depart for Joensuu airport at 11:40 arrive at Joensuu airport at 12:00 depart for Helsinki, flight AY3486 at 12:45 arrive at Helsinki, terminal 1, flight AY3486 at 13:50 depart for Copenhagen, , terminal 2, flight SK6635 at 15:55 arrive at Copenhagen, terminal 3, flight SK6635 at 16:35 travel to Copenhagen Central Station at ?____? arrive at Copenhagen Central Station at ?____? depart by train to Odense from Copenhagen Central Station at ?____? arrive by train in Odense at ?____? depart by bus to hotel ?____?, arrive at ?____? arrive at Hotel ?____? at ?____?
Update 12 June 2006. Arrived at hotel in Odense, Denmark at approx 21:00. Supper at MacDonalds at 23:00. sms email gateway at CSIR seems to malfunction.
Tuesday 13 June meeting and presentation at AdapTronics with Thomas Klitbo and Richard Beck at 10:30 depart by train to Copenhagen at ?____? arrive in Copenhagen at ?____? depart by train to Copenhagen airport at?____? arrive at Copenhagen airport at ?____? depart from Copenhagen, terminal 2, flight BA819, at 18:05 arrive at Heathrow, terminal 4, flight BA819, at 19:05 depart from Heathrow airport, terminal 1, flight BA57, at 21:15
Wednesday 14 June arrive at Johannesburg Airport, terminal A, at 08:55 depart by AVIS car to Pretoria

Hotel Information

    • Hotel Victoria, URL , Tampere, Finland. e-mail: Tel: + 358-(0)3 2425
    • Joensuu: I'll be stying in Erkki's house.
    • Odense Congress Hotel, Orbaekvej road 350, Odense, Denmark. Tel: 045 655-60100

Host Information

  • Tampere, Finland
    • Saila Ovaska, IDC 2006 conference admin, e-mail:
  • Joensuu, Finland
    • Ilja Jetsu, e-mail:
    • (alternative) Marjo, e-mail:
  • Odense, Denmark
    • Richard Beck e-mail:
    • (alternative) Professor Henrik Lund, University of Southern Denmark, e-mail: , Tel: 045 6550 3574

IDC 2006

AdapTronics (University of Southern Denmark)

  • Transport to/from Copengagen/Odense

Train schedule

    • Most likely option to take
      • depart: 7:30AM /13 Jun from Koebenhavn H
      • arrive: 9:02AM / 13 Jun Odense
      • duration: 1hr 32min
      • train no: 925
      • return price: 61.00 USD 2nd class