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Please send us your feedback, comments and corrections to diymeshguide[at] We would like to know how you have used the guide, whether the guide was useful in setting up your mesh network and what topics should be expanded on or covered in the guide. These are the comments we have received so far.

03-01-2008, Alfred Mutanga, DIY Mesh Guide Software and Resources - Comments

Dear Ajay

Happy new year . As I promised you that I was going to give my feedback about the DIY Mesh Guide and software resources last year and I am going to provide one.

1. Technical aspects

I find the documentation informative and detailed and organised logically with simple and easy language to follow and understand. Of course there is need for the reader to have the technical literacy to interprete and understand most of the terms and concepts therein documented in the guide. The choice of the hardware is clear and the configurations to be made are illustrated in an easy to follow pattern with diagrams that are using conventionally and internationally accepted symbols in telecommunications standards. I really appreciate the contents of the appendices which have further technical details on the different technical nitty-gritties that will be involved so that the Mesh networking will be up and running. However I would have wanted a more technical justification on the choice of the hardware for the mesh network especially the Wireless routers: Linksys WRT54G . I would also appreciate the detailed description of the routing algorithm involved and an overview of possible technical issues or flaws that might arise.

What are the relevant costs and some trouble shooting and maintanance issues that might arise through the implementation of these hardware and software? Since this is targeted towards rural and under-serviced communities I would appreciate if the guide would also involve the human capacity to be involved, if not just a checklist of the skills needed to implement the mesh network. I know that this might not be relevant in the context of the guide but it is one pertninent issue in developing communities.

2. Overall comment

For me since it is a guide I look at the document judging if it has a step-by-step organisation of the procedures to implement a mesh network which I congratulate you and your team that I found them. These have been complimented by reference to additional reference to websites, ebooks like "Wireless in a Developing World", and a useful appendices , that is detailed even for a novice networking technician. I also found information in section 2 very useful as you talked about the list of issues that should be considered before embarking on a mesh network. Thank you for the ebook, if there are any updates or a new version please, just let me know. I have seen some of your works being show cased on BBC innovative technology programme especially the cantenna, congratulations. On another note I am asking you if you have any areas I can propose for my research especially those that involve elearning and Outcomes Mapping, I have to do my literature review starting this february.

Kind regards

Alfred Mutanga