WISPiab brainstorm on way forward 200806

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detailed software development plan

Finish test of central SW ingredients and their interplay

Deadline: approx. end of July

on server:

  • priority 1
    • FreeRadius
    • mysql (or smaller allternative)
    • radius/billing admin: phpmyprepaid or ISPbill or daloRadius or phpRADmin
    • nagios (or alternatives: Osmius?)
    • apache /
    • webmin
  • priority 2
    • squid
    • statistics (awstats)
    • mail / webmail

Create hardware demo

Deadline: August

Install set of components on

  • AMD Geode box
    • on Ubuntu 8.04 (Ubuntu w Fluxbox)
  • Linksys(es)
  • Solar power part

Analyze code architecture, UI

For each component, analyze:

  • language / environment used (e.g. PHP for many if not all)
  • code organisation, i.e.
    • use of include libraries,
    • object orientation?
    • design layer, i.e. use of css
    • session management

goal: develop plan how to integrate these central components, by. e.g.

shared sessions, shared libraries, obviouslt shared GUI

detailed (human) resource plan

collab server, svn, etc

hardware: build solar powered prototype

outreach: conferences and papers

ndlovu tests

visit june 24?