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The following is a description of concrete work tasks ahead, and the associated skils / experience profiles.

Status: 20080411


Implementation of WISPiab prototype

Task description

on the following hardware setup:

  1. Front access node: Linksys WRT54GL
  2. Back end server: Via based mini-ITX, Lex light PC, or similar

  • Test system
  • Document installation and test phase, especially gaps and challenges
  • Generate list of "glue" elements needed


Time estimate for this prototype: 2 personmonths, equally divided by role 1/2

Basic prototype initially to be finished May 26 - no longer realistic.


1. Integrator / Test engineer

Task: Implementation of WISPiab prototype

This person should implement the system as described in WISPiab_specifications#Software_Specification_.2F_Feature_list_for_the_WISP-in-a-box_product

Requires skills / experiences

2. System Developer

Task: Implementation of WISPiab prototype

Development of the missing "glue" components for WISP management, frontend and backend

Required skills / experiences