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Current active research projects

Available research projects

New projects added October 2006


  • David Johnson - Research Leader (Protocol benchmarking, Gateway location protocol)
  • Dare Sokoya - PhD (MIMO systems)
  • Kanono Ramashamole - PhD (Topic still being developed)
  • Eddie Mamahlodi - Masters (Auto IP configuration in mesh networks)
  • Pragasen Mudali - Masters (Service discovery for mesh networks)
  • Tope Kareem - PhD (Dynamic switching of Radio interfaces in Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh networks)
  • Clement Nyirenda - PhD (Computational intelligence in mesh networks)
  • Mncedisi Bembe - Masters (topic still being developed)
  • Thomas Olwal - PhD (Dynamic Power Optimization for Wireless Mesh Networks)
  • Albert Lysko - Researcher (smart antennas)

Research workshop 25 June 2008

Writing good papers